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Histology & IHC

Histology is an integral part of the pathology laboratory.  In the Histology Department, specimens are processed, cut and stained in preparation for evaluation by one of our pathologists at Pathology Associates, Inc.  Additional Special Stains may be required in order to rule out or confirm the presence of such infectious diseases as tuburculosis, cocci or fungal processes. 

Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a section of the Histology Laboratory performing specialized antibody staining to assist the pathologist in the evaluation of cases in which histopathology alone does not provide sufficient information to make a diagnosis.  Panels of antibody stains may be employed to help aid the pathologist in the characterization of a variety of tumors.  Prognostic IHC markers are widely used (especially in breast pathology) to assist the clinician in the treatment of patient clients.  Specialized in-situ hybridization (ISH) staining has enabled pathologists to render diagnoses in difficult cases such as multiple myeloma where Kappa/Lambda light chain differentiation may present many technical challenges utilizing IHC staining alone.

Pathology Associates offers an extensive library of IHC markers allowing our pathologists to diagnose most cases in-house resulting in decreased TAT and timely resulting benefiting both patient clients and their clinicians.

Below is a list of our IHC antibodies and special stains.


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