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Why Use ThinPrep?

The ThinPrep Pap Test and the ThinPrep Imaging System combine to create more accurate and comprehensive cervical cancer screening — giving added confidence in the results. Furthermore, Dual Review screening, only available with the ThinPrep Imaging System, is taking cervical cancer screening to the next level.

Beyond the Conventional Pap Smear 

The pap test is arguably the most successful cancer screening tool known today. Find out how the ThinPrep Pap Test took this test to the next level and became the only liquid-based pap test found to be "significantly more effective" than the conventional pap smear.


The ThinPrep Pap Test is the only liquid-based pap test FDA-approved/cleared for HPV, Chlamydia/Gonorrhea and Trichomonas testing straight from the vial. Moreover, the ThinPrep Pap Test is the only pap test with FDA-approved labeling supported by multiple peer-reviewed publications showing increased glandular disease detection.

Clinical and Independent Studies 

Several clinical and independent studies have demonstrated the advantages and benefits of the ThinPrep Pap Test over the conventional pap smear, as well as the benefits of the ThinPrep Imaging System over manually reviewed ThinPrep Pap Test slides.

Diagnostic Superiority 

Large, independent studies confirm that the ThinPrep Pap Test detects more disease. Clinical studies have also shown that the ThinPrep Imaging System with Dual Review provides additional disease detection over manually reviewed ThinPrep Pap Test slides.

Above information is from ThinPrep website



ThinPrep Specimen Life Cycle:

1. Cell Dispersion

Cell population is homgenized within vial by vortexing.

2. Cell Collection

Software controls and monitors flow of material onto transfer membrane until membrane pores are adequatley clogged with cells.

3. Cell Transfer

The cylinder is inverted and the transfer membrane comes in contact with a glass slide, then air pressure assists the transfer of cells onto the slide.